*(To be clear, the only thing Adams Golf can guarantee is your money back. We wish we could guarantee more, but a lot of things are out of our hands. Adams Golf can’t guarantee a hole-in-one on every hole. Adams Golf can’t guarantee tee times, but we can guarantee your money back if you don’t get more air off those tees after you book them. Adams Golf can’t guarantee you will be a pro golfer. Adams Golf can’t guarantee a crocodile won’t eat your ball. Adams Golf can’t guarantee you will survive a fight with that crocodile over your ball, but we recommend bringing a wedge to maximize your odds. Adams Golf can’t guarantee Gary McCord will sing karaoke on your birthday. Adams Golf can’t guarantee perfect weather conditions during ball flight. Adams Golf can’t guarantee air quality, just more of it than you’re used to or your money back, guaranteed. Adams Golf can’t guarantee anything except your money back if you don’t get more air with Blue, which is why we’re going into such detail here. We don’t want to make any promises we can’t keep. Adams Golf can’t guarantee good looks or flowing, golden locks of hair, just your money back if you don’t enjoy more air flowing under your ball as it flies up, up and down the fairway. You can take that to the bank, which we also can’t guarantee. That’s the job of the FDIC. Adams Golf can’t guarantee the value of the dollar, yen, wén, won, euro, ruble, rupee, shekel, quetzal or simoleon. Adams Golf can’t guarantee that there will be enough of the money you get back to pass on to any grandchildren, ex-wives, trophy wives, trophy husbands or trophy platonic friends. Adams Golf can’t guarantee that the money you get back will triple in Vegas if you bet it all on black. Or red. Adams Golf can’t guarantee the amount of good luck inherent in any cents included in the money you get back. This includes lucky pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, bills and weird coinage. Adams Golf can’t guarantee that you can buy love with the money you get back. Adams Golf can’t guarantee that your wish will come true if you throw the money you get back down a well, or into a fountain or rub it on a genie. Adams Golf can’t guarantee that the wish you make on the money you get back won’t have horribly ironic consequences if it comes true. For example, wishing for immortality only to be trapped in the body of a baby forever. Buying Blue is probably safer than wishing for more air, because you can’t return wishes to the wish store and get your wish money back, guaranteed. Adams Golf can’t guarantee that if you’re still reading this you have a social life outside of golf. We respect that. Adams Golf can’t guarantee that we know every synonym for “air,” but here are a few: aerate, air-conditioning, atmosphere, aura, blast, breath, breeze, draft, ether, gas, gust, headwind, oxygen, ozone, puff, sky, stratosphere, tailwind, troposphere, ventilation, waft, welkin, westerly, wild blue yonder, wind and zephyr. The only definition of “air” that we can guarantee you’ll get more of, or your money back, is the complex mixture of oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, methane, dust, microbes and grass pollen between your ball and the ground. There will definitely be more of that kind of air with Blue, or your money back, guaranteed. This offer is valid when you buy any Adams Blue Driver, Fairway, Hybrid and/or Iron, but only at an authorized Adams Golf U.S. retailer. © 2015 Adams is a brand of Taylor Made Golf Company, Inc. They’ve got the best copyright lawyers that we can’t afford, because our lawyer money is tied up in that whole “more air with Blue or your money back” guarantee. You’ll need your original receipt for a refund. We can’t guarantee photocopies of a receipt or handwritten notes from Mom. You must have bought your Adams Blue between 4/3/15 and 7/5/15. We can’t guarantee what the world will be like much further out than that. We also can’t guarantee that inventing a time machine and traveling back to those dates won’t unravel the universe as we know it, but if you do make it back by then, we’ll honor this guarantee. If you continue time-traveling, maybe avoid Scotland during the Middle Ages. We wouldn’t want anything to happen to the game of golf. We’re pretty partial to it. Returns must occur within 30 days of purchase, but that gives you a month to try them out, play as many rounds as you want and be sure they’re right for you. Also, if you’re not playing golf at least once a month, you should probably practice more. We won’t reimburse original shipping and handling costs for purchases made online. You can’t really unship something. Visit on your computer, phone, tablet or other futuristic Internet device, or call 1-866-530-8624 for more information on the return process. You can also call if you just want to chat with a friendly Adams Golf employee. They’re always there to listen. You’ll get your check from Adams Golf within 12 weeks. We can’t guarantee sooner, but we’ll try our hardest to get it to you A.S.A.P. Only one return of each Blue club type per U.S. mailing address. Sorry, Canada. REFUND LIMITED TO PURCHASE PRICE PAID AND EXCLUDES ALL TAXES. We used all caps for that, because we can’t afford to refund every purchase you make in life, just the ones that involve our Blue clubs. As far as taxes go, the laws are pretty complicated. Consider it a donation to pay down the deficit, which we can’t guarantee will ever reach zero. In a world where there are very few guarantees, it’s nice to know someone has your back. At least, in golf.)