Golf brands all fight for the same 0-9 handicap players. Adams set its sights on casual golfers with an ultra-honest approach to the game and its advertising.


"Shoot Straight" launched with the most honest ad ever in Golf Digest's most over-hyped issue: The Hotlist. Every golf brand wins at least one gold award for a club. Golfers of all handicaps complain that ratings are rigged. We called them on it and made waves in the industry. 


Everyone has a tip to help your swing, but what about golf's complicated rules and etiquette? We answered questions all golfers have, but are afraid to ask. Will Ferrell taught a few to raise money for charity. To save up for that donation, my partner and I directed everything.


Adams shot straight with golfers with twists on tired club sales tactics: our money back guarantee outlines everything we can't guarantee, our product claims have no legal, and our Father's Day sale ad doesn't discount anything.

CLICK HERE TO ENLARGE TEXT and see what time travel, paying down the deficit, and trophy wives have to do with golf clubs.

"AirTIME" :30 (Product TV)

We had 30 seconds to explain the club technology behind Adams' new clubs. We only needed 15.